Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Collect cardholder’s personal information
In order to provide services and/or products to cardholders, the company will collect personal information of cardholders including:

a. Name;

b. Gender;

c. Age;

d. Date of birth;

e. Nationality;

f. Personal identification documents (including ID/visa/driver’s license number and copy);

g. Photo;

h.Taking pictures and images;

i. Voice recording and vocal cords;

j. Video;

k. Bank account information (including bank name, bank account name and bank account number);

l. Contact information (including phone number, email address, residential address, location address);

m. Global payment number (applicable only if the cardholder’s personal identity is directly or indirectly determined);

n. Globally paid transaction information (applicable only if the cardholder’s personal identity is directly or indirectly determined);

o. Financial information (including sources of funds, sources of wealth);

p. industry, occupation and position;

q. the reasons, uses, plans and expected times and usage of the company’s services and / or products; and

r. Guardian and immediate family relationship information.

The Company may need to check the original of the personal data, collect copies of personal data and provide information to the cardholder regarding the following matters:

a. Apply for or purchase products and / or services provided by or through the company;

b. Establish, use or maintain products and/or services provided by or through the Company.

Cardholders may choose whether to disclose to the company; failure to provide relevant information may result in the cardholder not being able to establish, use or maintain the services and/or products provided by the company. The company is unable to establish, maintain or provide products and services to cardholders.

When the cardholder conducts a transaction through the company, the company will also collect the cardholder’s information.

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