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For foreign domestic helpers

Used by myself in Hong Kong, or send the card to home, Family members can withdraw or consume locally.

Company employee travel

Companies can use to manage business trips expenses. Needn’t to go through complicated applications, ready to use.

Pay insurance premiums

Can pay for full premiums. Can be recharged for multiple times and pay without limit. No extra card fees needed.

Transfer between card members

Money payment or transfer between card members can be completed by the mobile application. Simple and no cost!

Overseas online shopping

Avoid limitations of some alternatives. Register and purchase on the major overseas shopping sites without hurdles.

Gift certificate and shopping card

Equivalent to a gift certificate or shopping card for use. Can give family and friends as gifts.


項目 萬事達卡 銀聯卡 備註
港幣帳戶 港幣帳戶
開卡費 全球付預付卡 磁條卡 60HKD(8USD) /張 60HKD(8USD) /張 郵費另計;另加平台服務費$338+(43USD+), 平台服務費以出卡總數及金額另議
晶片卡 238HKD(30USD) /張 238HKD(30USD) /張
全球付預付卡PLUS 主卡 (晶片卡) 338HKD(43USD) /張 338HKD(43USD) /張
充值 首次充值最少金額 350HKD(50USD) /張 350HKD(50USD) /張  
香港本地充值手續費 0.7% 0.7% 指任何在香港存入的充值款項,包括透過香港的銀行及香港的網絡進行的充值渠道或方式。
跨境充手續費 1.5% 1.5% 指任何在香港以外地區存入的充值款項,包括以已綁定全球付的內地銀行戶口或透過非香港的網絡進行的充值渠道或方式。
消費 境外簽帳/非本幣交易手續費 1.5% 1% 境外簽帳適用於香港地區以外進行的交易;非本幣交易費適用於以全球付卡本幣以外貨幣進行的自動櫃員機取款、刷卡簽賬或線上交易。境外簽帳及非本幣交易費在同一筆交易中只收其中一種
異常交易處理費 4 HKD(0.5USD) /筆 0  
轉帳 轉出至全球付卡 0 0 只接受相同幣種帳戶之間互轉
轉出至香港銀行帳戶 0.5% (最低20HKD(2.75USD) /筆) 0.5% (最低20HKD(2.75USD) /筆)  
轉出至中國大陸銀行帳戶 1%(最低6 HKD(0.75USD)/筆) 1%(最低6 HKD(0.75USD)/筆) 只接受轉帳到持卡人本人的中國大陸銀行帳戶
ATM提款 手續費 2% (最低25HKD(3USD) /筆) 1.5% (最低25 HKD(3USD) /筆) 在香港地區以外進行的提款或提款幣種不同於操作提款的全球付卡幣種,另收取1.5%境外提款/非本幣提款手續費。
餘額查詢 網站/APP 0 0  
ATM 4 HKD(0.5USD)/筆 4 HKD(0.5USD)/筆  


Item Master Card UnionPay Remarks
HKD Account HKD Account
Card Opening Global Cash Debit Card Magnetic stripe cards 60HKD (8USD)/pc 60HKD (8USD)/pc Pastage fee not included; Platform service fee HKD338+ (43USD+), platform service fee is subject to the total number and amount of cards issued
Chip card 238HKD (30USD)/pc 238HKD (30USD)/pc
Global Cash Debit Card PLUS Chip card 338HKD (43USD)/pc 338HKD (43USD)/pc
Top-up Minimum amount for initial top-up 350HKD (50USD)/pc 350HKD (50USD)/pc  
Hong Kong (Local) handling fee 0.70% 0.70% Refers to any top-up money deposited in Hong Kong, including top-up channels or methods through banks in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong network.
Cross-border handling fee 1.50% 1.50% Refers to any top-up money deposited outside of Hong Kong, including top-up channels or methods through Mainland bank accounts that are linked to Global Cash or through non-Hong Kong networks.
Consumption Fees for cross-border transactions / non-local currency transactions 1.50% 1% Cross-border consumption is applicable to transactions made outside Hong Kong; non-local currency transaction fees are applicable to ATM withdrawals, card payments or online transactions made in currencies other than the domestic currency(HKD) of the Global Cash card. Cross border consumption fee and non-local currency transaction fees are only charged in one transaction
Abnormal transaction processing fee 4 HKD (0.5USD)/case 0  
(Waived first 3 case)    
Transfer Transfer to Global Cash card 0 0 Only accept transfers between accounts in the same currency
Transfer to Hong Kong bank account 0.5% (Min 20 HKD(2.75USD/transaction) 0.5% (Min20 HKD/transaction)  
Transfer to China bank account 1% (Min 6HKD (0.75USD)/transaction) 1% (Min 6HKD (0.75USD)/transaction) Only accept transfers to the cardholder’s mainland China bank account
ATM withdrawal Handling fee 2% (Min 25HKD (3USD)/transaction) 1.5% (Min 25HKD (3USD)/transaction) 1.5% overseas withdrawal fee is charged for withdrawals outside of Hong Kong or non-HKD withdrawals
Balance inquiry Web/APP 0 0  
ATM 4HKD/transaction (0.5USD) 4HKD/transaction (0.5USD)  


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